With agriculture still in high demand, the need to keep your business running is a top priority. At KB Oil we provide premium fuels, coolants, and lubricants for all of your agricultural needs. Allow KB Oil to keep pushing your business to its fullest potential.


KB Oil understands the different equipment and machinery that goes into construction and in order to keep that equipment and machinery running properly you needs to stay up to date with fuels, coolants, and lubricants. We have years of experience in this industry, so allow us to help keep you going.

Industrial Plants

Industrial Plants have been around for decades and keeps growing year after year. Here at KB Oil we want to make sure that your plant is running the way it should and keep your business running properly. We have all of your plant’s needs whether that is fuels, coolants, and lubricants. Let us keep your plant in its best shape.


Mining is a very demanding industry with heavy-duty equipment that is always being pushed to the limits to keep your business going. KB Oil has years of experience with this industry and knows exactly what your equipment needs to keep running strong. Let KB Oil take care of any fuel, coolant, or lubricant needs.


KB Oil knows the trucking industry very well, and we have worked with trucking since the beginning. Allow our experts to help keep your trucks running. We provide fuels, coolants, and lubricants for heavy-duty trucks to ensure that they stay on the road and not in the shop.

Lubes and Repair Shops

KB Oil has partnerships with a handful of industry leaders in order to get the supplies that they need to keep their business going in the right direction. KB Oil provides fuel, coolant, and lubrication for its partners when they are low in stock.

KB Oil is your complete bulk fuel solution

Request more information about bulk fuel and fuel delivery services by calling us at 435-586-2411 or fill out our contact form. A KB Oil representative will get back in touch with you within 24 hours – Guaranteed.